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S100103 Rust Breaker Penetrant

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S100103 Rust Breaker Penetrant
This product quickly penetrates nuts and bolts. The accelerated action loosens rust while penetrating grease, dirt and corrosion. Packaged with a non-flammable propellant that provides a higher flashpoint and safety. Dielectric strength is 33,000 volts per mil, per ASTM D1748. Will withstand over 120 hours salt spray, per ASTM B117 at .1 mil thickness. Humidity resistance is 2,000 hours minimum, per ASTM D1748. For food plant and other industrial use only. Avoid contamination of food durning the use and storage of this product. S00103 Rust breaker Pentrant is an oily, transparent, non-staining material that also acts as a corrosion preventative. Sprays up to two feet in a jet stream to assure saturation of working areas only, which prevents unnecessary waste and also allows safe application on moving parts. Will not affect most painted surfaces. The typical uses are to relase rusted or frozen lugs and bolts, lubricate tight-fitting parts, general overhaul, repair work, food plant equipment.

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